Offered for sale:


Cloud-Based Media Marketing company that creates compelling consumer engagements which help media companies monetize and promote their content in new and unique ways through online and mobile applications. This includes digital interactive entertainment experiences such as quick-play social and mobile games.  These experiences are developed and distributed by the company via its proprietary automated content transition system, scalable server architecture, and cloud-based entertainment platform.


Casual and Casino Games Apps and Technology company which specializes in creating accessible and highly engaging mobile entertainment while offering sustainable advertising-based revenue.  The company’s innovative platform adds skill elements to the slots ensuring the addition of new players with their interactivity, entertainment, and adaption for the casino floor, expanding its market potential.  This technology was built for the next generation of casino audiences for all devices, on all platforms. All 17 gaming apps are available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Windows.


Social Media Conversation Platform whose technology uses opinions and predictions regarding online content to deliver even more relevant and targeted content to its users. The platform also provides a means for content creators to drive conversations, expand their audience, and garner new followers and fans.  User data analytics also provide content creators with a better understanding of who their audience is, what their audience’s opinions are, and what interests them.  The platform also enables users to get to know their friends and their network of connections better and to meet new people.


Mobile Intelligence Platform that enables mobile and IoT applications to access and synthesize sensor data to determine a user’s “real time” environment. Understanding an app user’s actual “situational awareness” enables virtually every application to deliver “right time experiences” to delight users, enhance engagement and drive conversion. This platform was built in 2015 by a Palo Alto based start-up of 6 people, from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Windemere Partners is seeking a company that wishes to augment their mobile app strategy by acquiring this technology and IP which would make it incredibly easy to add “contextual awareness” to their apps to increase app engagement with their users (and dramatically decrease development time).


On Demand Delivery and Moving Technology Platform for on-demand delivery and moving that can price any job upfront.  The platform was created by a team of technologists who believe the logistics world is headed for a massive change and created patent pending technology to pave the way. They began as a marketplace for single items and trucks and as they experimented with various business models, technologies and services, they evolved into a platform for retailers, consumers and movers.

Please contact Colleen Henderson at chenderson@windemerepartners or (916) 813-9337 for more information.